We Believe In Transparency and Affordability

Our Core Value

Because we are a family owned local company, you don’t have to worry about high prices to pay for our advertising. Starting off as low as $65 and weekly promotions, we make our prices affordable and competitive. You’ll have full transparency every step of the way. So no hidden cost, fees or markups. Taxes are also included in the price we give you. (We never charge to come out and give a quote in person)

Getting A Estimated Quote

Getting an estimate gives you a range based off the information that was given to us. Here are some ways to get your free quote.

  • Simply click here to fill out a form and describe your items
  • Contact us over the phone (909)200-3144
  • Text us (909)200-3144 any time and we’ll get back to you ASAP!
  • Email us at

Pricing and How it Works

ITS SIMPLE: You pay by the amount of space you fill in our trailer. We charge by volume, single items, fractions of a load (1/8, 1/4 etc) or multiple full loads. We try to break it down to your specific needs.

There are a few variables that can affect pricing but we will always disclose them upfont. Examples are:

  • How many flights of stairs?
  • The distance from junk to our truck
  • Are we bagging items or is it bagged?
  • Are we dealing with feces?
  • Dense material
  • Very heavy items (bricks, concrete ect.)

If you like our price, we will start right away. If you add to the load it will reflect in the pricing.

Ready For Your FREE Quote?

Don’t forget to ask if there’s any available discounts